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Applied Quantum Biology

An 8-10 week hybrid course that covers the scientific foundation of light, water, magnetism & mitochondria and their role in human health.

What Is It?

A fast but rigorous overview of the basics of circadian and quantum biology. Completion of this certification will enable you to confidently apply the principles of how light affects human biology to your health practice.

Why Take It:

Both current and historical research proves beyond a doubt that a biologically optimized LIGHT environment is as fundamental to human health as good quality air, water and food.
The science of circadian and quantum biology has emerged faster than institutional curriculums can keep up with, so health practitioners must take it upon themselves to adapt to this paradigm shift.
Put simply, human beings cannot attain or keep optimal health if they do not optimize their light environment.

If your practice does not include the principles of how light affects health, it is missing a foundational element. Adding light optimization will elevate all other elements of your approach, and improve client/patient results. This course covers just the “light piece” and is meant to be integrated into your existing area of expertise.

Who It’s For:

Add "the light piece" to your existing area of expertise.


MDs working in the areas of functional, integrative, family or general medicine.


NDs, homeopaths, nutritionists or any type of holistic health care provider.

Health & Fitness Coaches

Anyone who supports clients to reach goals in the areas of fitness, weight, energy, performance or longevity.

Support Practitioners

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, doulas or anyone who provides supportive care.


Chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists.

Mental Health Professionals

Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists or counselors.

What The Course Will Do For You

At the end of this course you will be able to both implement light protocols related to circadian / quantum biology AND effectively communicate the ideas behind it. The course covers:

  • An overview of how light affects health
  • The scientific mechanisms that drive the relationship between light and mitochondria
  • The epigenetic function of mitochondria 
  • ​The quantum function of the exclusion water in cells
  • How to safely and effectively use sunlight to heal and treat illness
  • How to effectively mitigate toxic light & create healthy light environments

Upcoming Intakes: 

  • ​Fall Cohort (September 2024)
  • ​Winter Cohort (January 2025)

Course Curriculum

1. Light, Water, Magnetism: An Overview with Dr Leland Stillman
2. Everything Is About Mitochondria: A Deep Dive with Carrie Bennett
3. The Eye Clock: A Deep Dive with Dr Jay Montgomery
4. Safe & Effective Therapeutic Use of Sunlight: The Protocols with Heathar Shepard
5. Quantum Hydration & Structured Water: A Deep Dive with Carrie Bennett
6. Bringing It All Together: Redox with Carrie Bennett
7. When Redox Is Low: The Quantum Explanation for the Most Common Chronic Conditions with Dr Leland Stillman 


  • Recorded Lectures: Self Paced Learning & Review Support (See Curriculum Above)
  • ​LIVE Teaching: Weekly Q&A with a Faculty Member (8 Weeks)
  • ​LIVE Coaching: Weekly Integration Group Calls (8 Weeks)
  • ​LIVE Member Community: Monthly Events w/ Practicing Professionals (1 Year)
  • ​Member Chat: Access to the QBC Telegram Channel  
  • ​Clinical Resources: Protocol Compendium, Research Guide, Glossary
  • ​Client Resources: Intake, Checklists, Protocol Guides, Product Guides, Videos
  • ​QBC Video Archives: Dozens of Hours of Special Topic Deep Dives 

The solution to treating chronic illness isn't more of the same,
it's shifting to a new paradigm.

The World's First Certification in Circadian and Quantum Biology

Frequently Asked Questions

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Approved Continuing Education Provider by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

The Team

Applied Quantum Biology Faculty 
Each week one of our faculty members hosts a live Q&A call to answer questions, review concepts and discuss the protocols outlined in the recorded lectures. 

Carrie Bennett, MS 

Lead Faculty Member 
With multiple degrees in biology, nutrition and bodywork Carrie's relentless enthusiasm to learn has made her one of the leading educators in the emerging field of applied quantum biology. She combines deep research with clear explanations of the complex quantum mechanisms at play in the human body. Her work has a large following and she is a sought-after speaker and guest lecturer. 

Dr. Leland Stillman, MD

Faculty Member 
Recognized as one of the leading integrative physicians in the United States, Dr Stillman provides concierge care and health education to clients all over the world. In addition to his MD, he has been mentored by naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, medical doctors and pioneers in Applied Quantum Biology. Dr Stillman is one of the few MDs who deeply understands and teaches the true determinants of health from the sub-atomic, or quantum, level.

Heathar Shepard, MA 

Faculty Member 
After years of study & practice in 
 acupuncture, Chinese medicine and  homeopathic medicine, Heathar discovered the healing power of light and became an expert in the therapeutic application of the sun. Over years of treating clients Heathar has developed safe and effective protocols to treat illness with sunlight. She is the author of the ebook "The Sunlight Rx." 

Practitioner Coaching Support 
Each week one of our coaches hosts a live call to provide coaching on the crucial topics outside of the science, such as creating a vision, setting & achieving goals, marketing, communicating with clients and overcoming challenges and obstacles. 

Meredith Oke 

Executive Coach & Founder, Quantum Biology Collective 

Nathan Walz

Quantum Health & Communication Coach 


This knowledge is not incorporated in the standard medical curriculum. In my humble opinion, that is a travesty. Circadian principles have not only reached the pinnacle of scientific recognition via the Nobel Prize award but the application of this knowledge is paradigm shifting for the practice of medicine. Its principles are life-changing for both provider and patient because of the definitive resolutions it provides in the most cost-effective, simple and sustainable manner. I am so grateful for this course because it filters through all of the misinformation and in a very systematized and organized manner provides a review of all of the relevant science and how to apply it. I left the course fully equipped and confident to recommend these changes to my patients and armed with the science to back up every recommendation. I can't recommend this course and its outstanding faculty enough!

Candice L Knight, MD

Longevity Specialist, Knight Wellness


I now understand the fundamental ins and outs of circadian and quantum biology in a way I hadn't before. It was exactly the kind of program I was looking for but couldn't find (at this level of depth) anywhere else. The content is rich (so much to explore), and I'm certain I'll be revisiting the modules again and again as I continue to more deeply integrate what I'm learning and putting into practice for myself and my clients. Lead teachers Carrie and Heathar have a special gift in their ability to make complex concepts easier-to-understand. The tools/resources provided, Q&A calls, and coaching sessions are all incredibly helpful -- and (bonus) it's always so nice to find a like-minded community! If you're looking for the deep dive into quantum/circadian biology, this is it (and it's only the beginning). Can't say enough good things about it.

Katie Hussong RN

MS Intrinsic Health Coach

I am now clear on the science of how we are part of nature and that abiding by nature's laws, we improve our health in many ways. Life made so much sense when I learned about our light environment and the changes I made were not restrictive or time consuming. I have never felt better!

Charlotte Hiller

Quantum Health Practitioner


This course helped me to understand the Circadian mechanism at a new level. I can offer a new type of service to my clients now that is different than most other coaches out there. I’m able to help my clients change their lifestyles for optimal health and I can explain why it works too! I would recommend this course to anyone who has struggled to get some of their clients the results that they are looking for. 

Cory Payne

Strength and Wellness Coach


I have been studying heart disease for all of my adult life, it is clear that the mainstream conventional wisdom about health and heart disease are mostly wrong. But it wasn't until I learned about biology from a quantum/circadian perspective that I truly understood how the body, and life, work, and the mechanisms behind why the diseases of modern day are happening. Armed with quantum health strategies, I have been able to take my patients/clients to whole new levels of health. Quantum biology is not new, it has always been there, it is the secret of the basis of life that is finally being rediscovered in the modern world and it is the path to healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

Dr. Stephen Hussey MS, DC

Author, Understanding The Heart
Co-Owner/Health Coach


I come from both a science and a therapy background and the information delivered on the Quantum Biology Certification was a big needle mover for my health and my “tricky” clients. I felt part of a community straight away and have met some wonderful practitioners for collaboration and lay people for new friends. I found I can understand and solve modem health problems more easily by looking through a “Quantum Lens”.

Sara Pugh, PhD, BSc 

Optimal Health Practitioner & Educator 


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